Name : Benjamin Raabe
Current Position : Freelance Software Developer specialised on iOS, Android and ASP.NET Development
Interests : Software Engineering, Manufacturing Process Optimization, Creation of Decision Support Applications, Collaborative Teaching and Learning, Game-based Learning
Email : contact@benjaminraabe.me

Work Samples

A selection of my work of the past three years. With different types of platforms, I created various applications for professional and research use to optimize and learn about manufacturing processes through modelling and simulation. Additionally I am creating applications for mobile phones in my free time just for fun. Not only do I have a technical background, but also throughout my business studies, I enjoyed working on strategies for example for the non-profit organization Cooking Matters in Omaha, Nebraska.


From various student jobs at the university, internships within the industry, to my current research associate position, my focus is on research. Research and especially the idea generating new knowledge is what I love doing.

  • August 2017 - present

    Software Freelancer

    Self Employed

    Doing Freelance work on personal websites as well as websites for businesses and professionals. Furthermore, working on mobile applications for Android and iOS.

  • January 2017 - August 2017

    Research Associate

    TU Braunschweig

    Working on software for evaluating manufacturing processes to guide them towards environmental sustainability. Support within various lectures and supervision of several student projects.

  • April 2016 – October 2017

    Research Assistant

    Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

    Creation of an Industrial Symbiosis Decision Support Software. Integration into a platform architecture. Validation through several case studies.

  • November 2015 – May 2016

    Student Assistant

    TU Braunschweig

    Design and development of new methods to increase resource efficiency within industrial supply chains using decision based artificial intelligence in the context of a European research project.

  • September 2013 - August 2014

    Student Consultant


    Voluntary engineering student consultant work. Representing the student consultancy on various customer acquisition events.

  • December 2011 – March 2014

    Student Assistant

    TU Braunschweig

    Assisting within “Sustainability In Production and Logistics” lecture. Conducting literature review, collecting and analyzing data, and designing frameworks.

  • August 2012 – December 2012

    Engineering Intern

    Airbus SE

    Support in the planning of new automation and manufacturing systems. Development of a maintenance concept based on tablet computer.

  • March 2011 – May 2011

    Engineering Intern

    TU Braunschweig

    Learning the basics of metal processing with drilling, milling and grinding machines.

  • September 2009 – October 2010

    Community Servant

    Stiftung katholisches Familien- und Altenpflegewerk

    Taking care of the elderly: Running errands, meals on wheels, cleaning and various other duties.


Constantly trying to learn something new. Currently learning the .Net Framework for advanced website creation.

Excel VBA
Manufacturing Technology


Got most of my education in Germany. Spent two years in the US and one year in Singapore.

  • October 2013 – November 2016

    Industrial Engineering, M.Sc.

    TU Braunschweig

    Specialized in Aeronautical Engineering and Sustainable Manufacturing.

  • August 2014 – August 2015

    Business Administration, M.B.A.

    University of Nebraska at Omaha

    Focus on Sustainability in Business Administration.

  • October 2010 – September 2013

    Industrial Engineering, B.Sc.

    TU Braunschweig

    Specialized in Aeronautical Engineering, Production and Logistics.

Honors and Awards


Contributed to more publications for manufacturing process analysis, however, there I wasn't mentioned as an author.


April 2017

Collaboration Platform for Enabling Industrial Symbiosis: Application of the By-product Exchange Network Model

B. Raabe, J.S.C. Low, M. Juraschek, C. Herrmann, T.B. Tjandra, Y.T. Ng, D. Kurle, F. Cerdas, J. Lueckenga, Z.Q. Yeo, and Y.S. Tan, Procedia CIRP, vol. 61, pp. 263-268


May 2018

A Collaboration Platform for Enabling Industrial Symbiosis: Application of the Database Engine for Waste-to-Resource Matching

J.S.C. Low, T.B. Tjandra, F. Yunus, S.Y. Chung, D.Z.L. Tan, B. Raabe, Y.T. Ng, Z.Q. Yeo, S. Bressan, S. Ramakrishna, and C. Herrmann, Procedia CIRP, vol. 69, pp. 849-854


May 2018

Environmental Impacts of Cooling Tower Operations – The Influence of Regional Conditions on Energy and Water Demands

C. Schulze, B. Raabe, C. Herrmann and S. Thiede, Procedia CIRP, vol. 69, pp. 277-282